Friday, 31 August 2012

Let's shine in September 2012.


Gemstone: Sapphire

Flower: Aster

Full Moon: 30/09/12

Well, here is my first proper blog post, with dates for your diary for the month of September.
First, a few historical facts about this month. The name September comes from the Latin word Septem, meaning seven, because in the Roman calendar it was the seventh month. The Romans believed that the God Vulcan took care of this month, as he was the God of Fire and Blacksmiths, and the Romans believed that fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were more likely to happen in this month than in any other.The Anglo Saxons called September Gerst Monath, barley month, as September was traditionally the month when barley wine was brewed. If it is anything like the ginger wine our family has at Christmas, then it is sure to be delicious. The Saxons also called it Haefest Monath, or harvest month. In Medieval England, the harvest began on 24th September. However, Lammas Day, 1st August, has traditionally been a day to give thanks for the Harvest and literally means Loaf Mass. Farmers baked loaves of bread from the new crop, to give as a gift to the church. Harvest Festival was first instigated in the time of Henry VIII. Michaelmas Day, September 29th, is traditionally the last day of the harvest. It is named after the Archangel Michael and is his feast day. He is the patron saint of the sea, maritime lands, seafarers and also horses and horsemen.
Dates for your September Filofax:
Harvest Festival, Various dates:  Many schools and churches will be having Harvest Festival food collections for charity, and holding assemblies and services. Remember to diary in your local events and have a 'Harvest Basket' prepared, when and if required.
Saturday 8th September: The Last Night of the Proms. An annual British tradition. The second half contains many traditional British pieces, broadcast on the BBC, from The Royal Albert Hall, in London. This year for the first time, it is to be screened live in Odeon Cinemas, and is to be available in 3d tv format. Expect plenty of Union Jack waving and audience participation. 
Tuesday 11th September: 9/11 Remembrance Day.
Thursday 13th September: Roald Dahl Day.
Wednesday 19th September: International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Friday 21st September:  United Nations' World Peace Day.
Saturday 22nd September: World Car Free Day.
Sunday 23rd September: Autumnal Equinox. First day of Autumn. The day when the length of day and night are nearly equal in all parts of the world.
Wednesday 26th September: European Day of Languages.
Saturday 15th September: The Great River Race, London. The boating equivalent of The London Marathon. A day of fun and frolics on the water.(Starting canon at 10:40am.)
Religious Calendar:
Harvest Festival: Various dates, according to parish and school calendars.
Monday and Tuesday 17th- 18th September:  Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year.)
Wednesday 19th September: Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu.) Celebrates the birthday of Ganesh, the elephant deity.
Wednesday 26th September: Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement.)
Saturday 29th September: Michael and All Angels Day (Christian.)

September dates in History:
1st September 1951:  The first supermarket opens at Earl’s Court in London.
2nd- 6th September 1666:   The Great Fire of London.
22nd September 1955:   ITV began broadcasting.
26th September 1955: The first fish fingers went on sale, manufactured at Clarence Birdseye's Factory, in Great Yarmouth. The product was named'fish fingers' by the factory workers.

A Shining Hour for your Filofax- September.
I discovered that on 18th September 1839, George Cadbury was born. When I taught in Bristol, the famous chocolate factory had a conference centre, at Keynsham, at which we teachers received much of our INSET training. The big plus, apart from the training of course, was the Cadbury’s shop, which sold off the factory's chocolate mis- shapes. Staff coffee breaks on the day following an INSET there, were always suitably 'chocolatey'!
This month’s 'Shining Hour Task' to timetable into your Filofax, in honour of George Cadbury, is to buy a bar of your favourite chocolate confection, brew up your favourite hot drink, serve it in a china cup and saucer and savour fully that moment of indulgence. If chocolate can’t make you shine, then nothing can!
Until next month....... keep on shining!
Jane. xx


  1. Brilliant! I really, really enjoyed this post! I'm going to jot several of these down in my Filofax and you better bet that I'm going to honor George Cadbury.

    Thank you, Jane!

    1. Thanks DEM!! Cadbury's chocolate buttons and crunchie are my favourite.... hee heee!!!

    2. sounds scrumptious! And I want to thank you for making my son's day! He was so pleased to learn that his birthday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!! Made for one happy 8 year old!

    3. Ohhh... bless his socks DEM!!!! Meeee hearties, as I say below, there are some pirate stickers and party invites and party bag things in Wilkinsons and on Sharon Stafford's Facebook page. Shiver me timbers.... arrrr!!!!

  2. Yay - a great first post, like an online almanac. Thanks for the info, and the mandatory chocolate eating homework!

    1. Oh yes.... the homework will always be fun!! Glad you enjoyed the first post. xx

  3. Excellent post Jane. Looking forward to following this each month.

  4. Fab post, what a great idea you've come up with Jane! Looking forward to reading October as it's my birth month!

  5. This is a brilliant idea. Thank you for compiling all this information. I see a few dates worth recording in my Filofax. Talk like a pirate day....can't wait.

    1. Thanks Steph! Sharon Stafford has some great pirate stationery on her Facebook page, also Wilkinsons have some great pirate party stickers and bits and bobs if you have children who may be into piratey things.

  6. awesome! i love this. it's almost like the philofaxy almanac - totally looking forward to reading this one - thanks so much for sharing

    1. Thank you Snarling. Yes, the idea is for my blog to be like an almanac and I am thrilled that you enjoyed it so much. The idea is that busy folks don't miss important days, and maybe opportunities for fund raising or just generally having a bit of fun!!! Also felt it would be good for teachers like me, who have do take assemblies in the year, so as not to miss important religious festivals. Big plus is that it is also a monthly blog, as I wanted to do a blog, useful to Philofaxers, but not every week to start with.